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Trendy Floral Decor Travel Kit

Trendy Floral Decor Travel Kit

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Trendy Floral Decor Travel Kit contains all of the skincare essentials you need to manage your self care routine in motion. Each beautiful travel purse comes with travel-sized versions of our popular items.

TSA Compliant


Combination of fruity scents (A complimentary mix of fruit fragrances)

Combination of clean scents (A complimentary mix of clean fragrances)


  • Body Butter- Intense Moisturizer -30 ml/1 fl oz.
  • Hair & Body Oil- Skin Softening and Luster Restoring Moisturizer -30 ml/1 fl oz.
  • Shea Butter Lotion- Nutrient Rich Moisturizer -30 ml/1 fl oz.
  • Lip Balm-Lip Softener -15 ml
  • Bar Soap-Gentle Cleanser -2 ounce (FREE Gift¬†With Purchase)

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